About Us

In 2017 a few years before I started Coffee Stained Soul, I was out of work with a back injury and life was miserable. I found myself having enough grit to walk to the local coffee shop (Luna Cafe, downtown Wilmington) and get a nice coffee. 

I'd slowly walk back home and sit and doodle on the front porch. While doodling, I thought about how much I must love coffee walking around in this condition. But it was the only thing I had to look forward too. So from that time, I deemed my soul stained by coffee. 

How does this tie into woodworking?

Good question, over the years I have always had a knack for selling drawings , or taking scrap pieces of wood and building wood planters, to coffee tables and nightstands, to a bar for a local coffee shop, and a couple small tables made with crystals and epoxy.  

I landed on tables and have decided this is what I want to specialize in right now! So going on three years now and I have learned a lot and continue to provide the highest quality product possible.

I also think it is important to be mindful and not take more than you give. That is why with every order a tree is planted to create a net zero waste! Woo! Trees are planted through the Arbor Foundation.

I current working in my garage/shop in Monkey Junction, Wilmington and I am looking forward to building your order.