What are breadboard ends?

      - A breadboard end is a narrow piece that is joined to the end of the table top. The purpose is to support and maintain the rigidity of the table top, while allowing the table top to shrink or expand across the grain. Breadboards are not always flush with the sides of the table. Here is an example....

example of table showing bread boards

 Can I come see some of your work in person?

   - Yes you can! If you have the time , it is encouraged, I have a table right now that showcases my work and what to expect for your purchase. If you would like to set up an appointment please contact me above through the main menu options!


I see a style I like but not in the color I want, can I switch it?

     -Yes! Listing are created just to showcase different styles, simply add the color you would like to the note section when adding your table to the cart.

What type of wood do you use?

- Tables are made using Kiln dried southern pine and white fir. The main reason for this is to keep the cost affordable.

How do you assemble the table and do the legs come off?

- Tables are made using pocket hole, clamps and lots of glue. The legs can be taken off using a square head drill bit.

Will the table fit through the doorway?

-From my experience , if your doorway is larger than 31 inches, you can turn the table on its side and maneuver it through the house.

Will this hold up outside?

-Table are made to be used indoors. 

What type of sealant or finishing coat do you use?

- Tables are sealed with three layers of either matte or gloss water base, Varathane polyurethane.

How can I clean the table? Or is there any special care needed for the table?

-The short answer is with soap and water or something gentle and non abrasive, I have only ever gotten one complain/concern when someone tried to use vinegar.

-The Polyurethane is water resistant so water and the like will sit on top of the table rather than being absorbed into the top. 


        *wood subject to movement with seasonal changes*


        *all chairs are ordered from a trusted and reputable source and are carefully assembled, painted and stained*